Crater Athletics

Sport Eligibility


For Athletic & Activity Participation

1.     Passing 5 credited classes the previous grading period.

2.    Currently enrolled & attending 5 credited classes and making progress to graduation.

  • On Track to Graduate

Credits Earned Prior to Grade 10               9

Credits Earned Prior to Grade 11               20

Credits Earned Prior to Grade 12              34

Credits needed to Graduate                        48

  • Crater athletic eligibility system change:

In addition to the “on track to graduate” credit requirements for athletic eligibility, according to OSAA rule 8.1.1, athletes must also be “a full time student who is one that is enrolled in high school, attending regularly and passing” the required number of courses.

To better ensure that Crater is meeting the rule 8.1.1 requirement, we are implementing target dates in addition to end of term grades for checking academic eligibility with a one week opportunity for students to prove they are passing the required number of courses. After that week they will be ineligible until they can show they are passing. Responsibility will lie with the student to bring documentation to the athletic office from their teachers to show that they are eligible.

All three schools are now on trimester grading periods, the dates below will be used for eligibility purposes throughout the Crater campus.

October 10, 2022

February 6, 2023

May 1, 2023